Welcome to the World of Elite Edge Training!

Elite Edge Training is dedicated to transmitting high-quality fighting arts and fitness to communities and organizations.  You want the best training for yourself and your family at a great value.  You will find both at Elite Edge Training!  All training is offered age-appropriately for both adults and youth with convenient weekday and weekend options.  Seminars/workshops are designed around your schedule and needs.  Special needs students are welcome!

  • Realistic Combatives and Self-Defense – real-world fighting and protection training that gives you instant skills to survive like no other program available
  • Human Performance and Fitness – a system of physical and nutritional practices that improve performance, health, and well-being
  • Traditional Karate and Classical Weaponry (Kobudo) – a traditional and progressive self-defense art that is great for all ages
  • Japanese Swordsmanship – a set of ancient fighting methods that bring the world of the Samurai to life
  • Submission Grappling – a ground fighting system designed to teach you how to control a fight that goes to the ground

Some of our training is offered through regular classes while other training is done mainly through seminars and workshops.  Many of our students say they wished they would have started this training earlier.  We are starting to  expand into new areas.  What are you waiting for?  Contact us and find out how easy it is to get started today!


Mar 14         All Day           Kata and Kumite Seminar – Des Moines, IA

May 16         All Day           Texas State USANKF/USA Karate Qualifier – Pasadena/Houston, TX

Jun 13         All Day           Texas Folklife Festival Demonstration

Jun 15-19    All Day           EET Martial Arts and Leadership Camp

Jul 4             1:10pm           EET Demonstration – 4th of July Spectacular – Leon Valley, TX

Jul 6-10      All Day           EET Martial Arts and Leadership Camp

Jul 11    8:30-11am          Advanced Training – sparring, Seipai, grappling position drills

Jul 25    8:30-11am          Advanced Training – sparring, Hamahiga tonfa, Combatives/self-defense

Jul 27-31    All Day           EET/Monarch Academy Martial Arts and Leadership Camp – Special needs and typical students  (Kururunfa, Kongo no Kon, sword, nitanbo (sticks), advanced sparring, grappling/self-defense)

Aug 22       8:30-11am      Special Training – padded weapons, Kama Shodan, grappling drills

Aug 29       1-3:30pm        Combatives/Self-Defense – reactions, strikes, ground work, weapons drills


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