We are the premiere martial arts and self-defense facility in South Central Texas!  We would love for you to come in and see what we have for you.  Try us out for FREE and see what sets us apart.

Elite Edge Training is great for adults, teens, kids, and small children.  Men and women, boys and girls love the great benefits of our organization.

We promote a “Budo” lifestyle.  “Budo” are the Japanese martial arts and are what we use to promote a Warrior Culture lifestyle.  This is about being strong physically, mentally, and spiritually and living a successful life that is modeled by others.  It is about discipline, self-control, goal-setting, and service to the community.

Elite Edge Training is not for everyone.  We cater to a specific population.  Our ideal students have the following qualities.

People who are only looking for a quick, self-centered activity don’t do well here.  People who think they know everything already also usually don’t go very far in training.  This is not like any other activity that people find in the general community.  Our training may seem similar but it is very unique.



April 21 – Miya Kalai Tournament, Irving, TX

April 21 – Southwest ISD Olympic Fiesta

April 28 – Pee Wee Choppers, New Session, Ages 4-6, 11am

April 28 – Guardian Combatives, EZ Defense Intro, 2pm

May 12 – Texas Sport Karate Federation, State Championships and National Qualifier, Houston, TX

June 2 – Gojukensha Cup, Dallas, TX

June 16 – Pee Wee Choppers Introduction, Ages 4-6, 11am

June 23 – Guardian Combatives, EZ Defense Intro, 9:30am

June 23 – “Parents’ Fight Club” – De-Escalation and Compassionate Restraint for Parents of Special Needs Children

June 9 – AKR Open, Houston, TX

August 4 – Battle of the Best, The Colony, Tx

September 1 – ASKA Championships, Killeen, TX

October 20 – Traditional Karate Championships, Arlington, TX

November 17 – Texas Open, Stafford, TX

December 1 – Suzuki Cup, Plano, TX