Welcome to the World of Elite Edge Training

A commitment to innovation and growth.

We are the premiere martial arts and self-defense facility in South Central Texas! Come in and see what we have for you.  Try it for FREE and see what sets us apart.

Elite Edge Training is great for all adults, teens, kids, and small children.  Men and women, boys and girls love the great benefits of our organization.

Not your “typical” Martial Arts school

We promote a “Budo” lifestyle.  “Budo” is the Japanese martial arts and is what we use to promote a Warrior Culture lifestyle and mentality.  This is about being strong physically, mentally, and spiritually and living a successful life that is modeled by others.  It is about discipline, responsibility, self-control, goal-setting, self-reliance,and service to the community.


Depth and breadth of multiple topics is the hallmark of all training programs and classes.


Everyone supports each other while helping with individual goals and development.


Glean the benefit of decades of experience from around the world and put it to work for your personal growth.


Our approach to your goals are customized and adapted to your unique needs and situation.

Unique Classes

Each class takes multiple approaches to challenge each participant to accomplish new skills.


This is a place where everyone is a unique person with unique challenges and all participants help others.

We are here to help you become the best possible version of yourself!

Elite Edge Training is not for everyone.  We cater to a specific population.  Our ideal students have the following qualities.

  • Personal Improvement – This involves personal reflection and improving all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s life.  Pushing one’s personal limits and overcoming obstacles is a key life skill to uncover boundless potential.
  • Altruism – Thinking of others first is a main value of our students and is built into training classes.  Students realize the joy of helping others improve and overcoming limitations.
  • Loss of Ego – One of our primary points is to reduce the need the for attention from others and realizing that we are only equal to any other person.  This builds strong relationships and trust among students.  Respect for others and self is key to this habit.

People who are only looking for a quick, self-centered activity don’t do well here.  People who think they know everything already also usually don’t go very far in training.  This is not like any other activity that people find in the general community.  Our training may seem similar but it is actually very unique.


  • Contact us to answer questions.
  • Try a session on us.
  • Experience the possibilities.


  • Many aspects of support and assistance.
  • Personal success is a journey everyone shares.
  • Access to a mind/body/spirit approach.

“Elite Edge Training is a great experience! They taught me and my daughter that success is a responsibility and a process. The only thing standing in our way was us!”

Jennifer McMillen

Corporate CEO and Mother