About Us

Elite Edge Training, had its first incarnation in Des Moines, Iowa, starting in 2001.  It moved down to San Antonio and Helotes, Texas, in 2013.  It has left a great impact on people’s lives across the country.

It was founded by Michael Hanson when he decided that he wanted to teach others what he knew so that he could have training partners.  As time went on, he was both lucky enough and determined enough to train with top teachers from around the globe.  He has trained and taught martial arts and self-defense throughout North America and Europe for almost 40 years and had a remarkable military career.  Sensei Hanson is sought out for his knowledge in bringing ancient combative and physical culture knowledge into a modern context for all audiences.  He has spent years studying and teaching the roots of old and traditional martial arts, modern combative systems, combative psychology, neuromuscular development, physical culture, and developmental psychology and how they all work together and are applied to people’s daily lives.

Former member of USA National Karate Federation (USA Karate) Kobudo Committee

US Army Combatives Instructor with cross training in US Marine Corps, Russian, and Isreali combatives systems from instructors in those countries.

US Army Master Fitness Trainer

American Council of Sports Medicine Certified

National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified

International Sport Science Association Certified

Earned the title Shidoshi in Koryu Bujutsu systems.

Life and Personal Development Coach and Couselor

Trained multiple law enforcement agencies to include US Marshals, ICE agents, FBI agents, state agencies, and local law enforcement agencies.

Silver medalist, Kumite, 1993 All-European Karate Championships

Bronze medalist, Kata, 1993 All-European Karate Championships

Helped develop a Physical Readiness Leadership Course that trained military and law enforcement to be tactical combative athletes. He also helped introduce the program into environments for at-risk youth and paired participants with strong mentors. The program was also introduced into several public schools throughout the State of Iowa.

Adapted Physical Education Coach and Karate Coach for The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland

Life Skills and Job Skills Coach for individuals with disabilities

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Contractor

Creator of Aerokix Fitness Martial Arts System

Creator of Guardian Combatives Self-Protection Program

Creator of Warrior Health Wellness and Fitness Program

Creator of Elite Physical Training and international Warrior Training Program

Instructor and manager of several martial arts schools and clubs in various US states and Germany.

Head Karate Coach, St. Leon-Rot Youth Karate Club, St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Chairman, Texas Sport Karate Federation, Para-Karate

Co-Founder, Kaizen Edge Foundation – supports programs for people with challenges through Adapted Martial Arts, Mental Wellness, Life Coaching, and Youth Enrichment