Guardian Combatives

Our self-defense program is called Guardian Combatives and it is an easy-to-learn and comprehensive program that is great for both civilians and professionals alike.  It is effective for men, women, and children in our safe and intense training environment.  Everything is customized to the audience.  Some students only need low-intensity training (simple de-escalation and stress control) while others need high-intensity training (padded assailant and “complete destruction” scenarios).

Classes are usually done in small groups with a logical progression of skills and concepts.  Each person gets individual attention.  A “topic” will start out very easy and then a logical, simple progression of skills follows so that the person naturally “gets it.”  Then we begin to stress test the skills in realistic situations and add variations and help them through decision making in a confrontation.

Elite Edge Training will customize a training program for your organization, military unit, or law enforcement agency!  Ask us about contracting details

We train individuals in accordance to their needs and strengths.  Each person learns what works best for him or her.  Every student has strengths and weaknesses and come from all walks of life.  We have students that are military, in law enforcement, with disabilities and injuries, that are small and lacking strength, and are older and fragile.  They learn how to handle situations in accordance with what they can do and give them strategies to handle what they can’t do.  This is not “one size fits all” training.  Each person is unique and their training is molded to them.


Self-defense for women and girls is an important part of the curriculum.  Most training revolves around handling someone who is larger, stronger, and more aggressive.  Once a person understands strengths, weaknesses, and combative psychology; it becomes easier to handle assaults and confrontations.  This builds confidence and a strong “assertive” mindset.

 Everyone learns the basics of using and defending against impact weapons, bladed weapons, and firearms.  We train these skills in situations where there are innocent bystanders, on the ground, or with a disability.

Children learn how to defend themselves against bullies and abductors!

Realistic self-defense training is necessary for everyone to understand how to stay safe but also how to stay out of the courts after the attack.

Elite Edge Training specializes in self-defense training for those with physical and development disabilities and special needs.


The training may make you feel a little uncomfortable at times! There is some yelling and person-to-person contact. You will not be perfect when you first start. There is some risk as you begin to gain skills and we start to stress you. Time and practice will help you overcome all these barriers!