Karate is an ancient Okinawan and Japanese martial art that emphasizes strikes, kicks, takedowns, and joint locks to control opponents.  It is taught throughout the world as an excellent means of self-defense, building character, and an exciting sport.  Karate debuted as an Olympic sport in the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.  We practice the style of Shito-ryu Karate which combines many of the effective points of other styles and has its roots in ancient Karate.

Karate is a great family activity that encourages good manners, hard work, and teamwork.  Whether they practice the art as a sport, a means of self-defense, or a fun past time; people create new friends and fulfilling social ties that last for years.  Students learn the competition aspects of Karate first whether or not they are interested in competitions.  This helps build speed, power, control, and an understanding of how the techniques of Karate work for actual self-defense.  Students then begin to learn stand-up and ground grappling.  They then combine the grappling (we use competitive submission wrestling) and striking with the technique application and that leads to Koryu Kumite which is the “all-out” type of fighting that was used by the old Karate masters and is a very effective method of self-defense.  Much of this training has been completely lost by most modern martial arts schools.  We are the only organization that teaches this kind of Karate and martial arts in San Antonio, Texas, and Helotes.

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Kobudo is the art of weapons in Karate.  There are many different weapons that were originally used as farming implements by Okinawan peasants hundreds of years ago.  The principles of using each weapon can be translated into modern day skills with something that can picked up on the street and used to defend oneself.

Weapons training develops strength, speed, power, coordination, and precision.  Each weapon has a set of basic techniques to learn before moving on to the kata (forms) and sparring drills.  This is the traditional method of learning Kobudo weopons.  In this way, each student understands the great responsibility he or she has with handling the weapons since it is very easy to hurt another person accidentally.

Pee Wee Choppers

We also provide classes specifically for young children.  These is our Pee Wee Choppers class and it is so much fun for the kids and for us to teach it!  They learn the importance of following rules, self-control, and respecting each other.  While learning how to do a lot of basic Karate techniques, they also are getting more flexible, stronger, and more agile which will help them in more advanced Karate classes as they get older and in other sports.

Adapted Martial Arts/Para-Karate

We are the leader in the state of Texas in Adapted Martial Arts!  We are also leaders anywhere in using it as a form of therapy for people with disabilities.  Any person with any type of disability is always welcome to apply for our special program.  This is for both adults and children.  Higher performing students can begin the start of Para-Karate and compete locally, state-wide, and nationally.

These classes are generally on weekends to best accommodate most family schedules.  Some students that want an inclusive environment can come to our classes during the week.  Private lessons are always an option and are the best solution for some students.  Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions about this programs.

No one does specialized martial arts classes for disabilities in San Antonio like Elite Edge Training!